Derby Feste 2012

Thank you for a great show – we have had really good feedback about your show – people loved it, well done and it is a pleasure working with you all.

Billie Klinger, Walk the Plank, Producer, Derby Feste 2012

The Banquet Tour & Masquepony 2012

The Delegates emerged (unexpectedly) from the Mintfest Summer School for Street Artists [2011] and it was amazing to see a show of such quality emerging from just a week’s work – a performance that has now developed and gone from strength to strength as it tours more widely.

Jeremy Shine, Manchester International Arts

Widcombe Rising 2012

“The Delegates were intriguing, different and fascinating. They devised actions around our street party’s retro sporting theme, chalking large game patterns on the road. Even His Worship the Mayor of Bath was seen indulging in a game of tiddlywinks! What’s more, from a busy organiser’s point of view, they were self contained, well prepared, efficient and just got on with it.”

Ralph Oswick, The Natural Theatre Company, Co-organiser, Widcombe Rising 2012

“After winning the bronze at the Widcombe Rising tiddlywinks I am now into a strict training regime followed by a regular rub-down with the Racing Post. Every evening since that momentous sporting achievement I’ve been waiting by the phone for that almost certain call up from Seb Coe!”

The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Bath, Councillor Andrew Furse

Derby Feste 2011

“Many thanks for your wonderful performances of “The Delegates” Feste  – I thought the show worked really well and the audiences really enjoyed themselves. You all worked very hard to make it happen. It was a real pleasure meeting you and working with you all. 
The whole event was a great success and thank you for being a part of making this happen.”

Billie Klinger, Producer/Project Director (Derby Feste)
Walk the Plank

“A magnificent performance.”

Maureen Jordan, Festivals Project Manager, Derby City Council

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