Bankers on Active Community Service

Bankers on Active Community Service

The Delegates are delighted to bring their recidivist, ahem, repenting Bankers on Active Community Service (new for 2013)

This show has already been booked for :-

Bedlam Fair, Devizes Street Festival and Mintfest .

The Delegates present ‘Bankers on Active Community Service’.

The Bankers are enrolled on the BACS scheme, in the vain hope they will learn the error of their ways and through clean living , will in the eyes of society, be seen to have possibly turned over a new leaf ?

Supervised by their Parole Officer the Bankers begrudgingly try to to make amends for their financial misdemeanors, by offering audiences an insincerely, apologetic song and their unprofessional cleaning services.

Reluctantly, they offer to iron crumpled t-shirts, feather-dust shoes, and dust handbags to incrementally, and ever so humbly repay their debt to society by offering to clean up as only bankers know how!

Directorial input – Pavel Douglas

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Participatory performances in Bath, March 2013